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  1. Gmail mangles .gpg files


    I dont know

    If you change bytes in a .gpg somebody is bound to notice. Right?

    Im using a 3rd party to send a .gpg to a gmail account and the checksums before and after simply dont match

    I dont want to really assume evilness, since modifiying bytes on the attachments seems pretty sketchy

    Maybe im doing something wrong

    The fact that the checksums are okay if I send it to my personal server using the same 3rd party mail provider its a little suspicious tho

    Ive been told that

    [...], email and gmail are different things.  So I wouldn't be surprised if they are not 100% compatible ;-)

    Funny, or is it? google has most of my email because it has all of yours. They have a lot of leverage to define the email experience

    In the end, just renaming the .gpg to something else fixed it (What??)

    And while we are still ranting about google, lets finish with a pet peeve of mine

    I hate that they virtually remove the concept of domain or email address. Not that they are just the f*cking anchor point to security

    Security and, you know, knowing where the f*ck you are going or who you are trying to get in contact with

    Instead they hide this info as much as possible in labels so you learn to trust them, instead of learning to trust something as simple and as ubiquitous as a domain or an email

  2. Shakira digs it


    She makes a man wants to speak Spanish

    Como se llama (si), bonita (si), mi casa (si, Shakira Shakira), su casa

    Shakira, Shakira”

    Oh baby when you talk like that

    You make a woman go mad”

    – Shakira, my hips done lie

    Roughly translates to “hows the name/hows your name” (politelty if we assume hes addressing to her), pretty(yes), my house, your house, my pen, your book. The last two, not actually mentioned in the song, but they just seem the logical follower to those first steps in spanish

    If this broken spanish is enough to make not only her, but any woman go mad as she suggest, you can pretty much tell shes digging something else

  3. Get updates from this blog!

    Have you ever seen this icon and wonder what it is?

    You can see this refered as RSS, atom or just feed of a website. It all refers to the same thing: get updates from this site without having to create an account

    Its likely you never heard of this tech because it has been supressed and practically been eliminated from all mainstream webs despite being simple and functional. Google had one of the best RSS readers and they closed it

    The reason for this is that they want to be your only stop for information. You might not think much about it but your attention is the most valuable asset right now… for you and for them. They can try to push information (propaganda or ads) on you like you are some kind of kid who doesnt know better

    Luckily, this tech is so simple that is likely never going to die as long as a single reader and a single feed poster exists on the planet :)

    This is an example of what a feed look like and this is list with all my feeds

    Theres a plethora of offline readers out there both for computer and cellphone and you only have to copy the feed link into it. Ask me if you have troubles making it work or finding one that you like

    I host my own copy of tt-rss, an online reader, and it allows multiple users. If you know me, just ask me for an user and I will happily create one for you so you dont need to host your own (an online reader allows to sync all of your devices for example)

  4. Music online

    $ du -sh ~/Music

    This is my whole music collection.

    At least half of it either I never listened to it or Im not very fond of. It includes whole discographies and whole mp3 collections from friends

    Skating is much more enjoyable with some music. I have a speaker I carry around with a 2Gb microsd card from an old phone. I usually just drop a few random albums or compilations I like

    I tried a shared list on spotify, but half of the songs I wanted to add werent available or they didnt have the specific version I like

    Recently I had to buy some memories, and saw the drop in prices! A 128Gb usb(2.0) is around 20€ and a 128Gb MicroSD for around 33€. Now I can carry my whole collection with me around. No lag, no data expenses, the version I like…

    Who wants music to be online?

  5. Sobering in 2016


    Trump winning 2016 elections in US has been sobering. I was certainly in denial about something there

    Brexit tells a similar story as well

    Rajoy winning on my own country was not enough since I consider they cheated. They managed to get rid of the second candidate that the people legitimately voted for and managed to swing the final results.

    The raw number of voters that Rajoy had should had been enough to sober me up, but the truth is that they werent that many. The winner was abstention by a landslide and the total number of people that voted something else was way higher

    Trump and brexit won with over 50% of voters.

    This is something different

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