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  1. New years resolution III

    Im happy to tell i successfully turned one-shot old resolutions into ingrained habits! This was a triumph. Im making a note here. HUGE SUCCESS! Its hard to overstate my satisfaction :)

    Last year resolution worked great. I feel i regained some of that juicy creativity i had as a child and that i had completely lost. This also feels like a habit now. More like a quality, which is exactly what i was aiming for

    To be completely clear about it, being creative has nothing to do with being a good creative. Absolutely everybody can be creative. Its just the first step and a requirement for everything else

    As i side-note. i was able to do a handstand without support for the first time on november. So one month ahead of schedule. Its really fun to be able to control your body while looking at the world upside down

    This year i wasnt going to explicitly make a new year resolution since i have stopped thinking of them as some change that require effort, but rather the only way forward. Not sure how it works, but the alternatives just seem bad

    But lets do it anyway for the fun of it. I was kinda doing it already without paying much attention, but im going to make it formal: reduce easy dopamine fixes. The simplest example of this is checking your phone or the news every 5 minutes or picturing conversations in your head that will never happen. But you can recognize this kind of useless satisfaction in many not-so-simple-to-spot activities if you pay attention. Ive already planned a roadmap of what this would look like

    I dont think it will take the whole year to reap some benefits out of this and ive got many more small projects planned for this year. All in all, this does look like is going to be a great year!

    To finish, a small side resolution, learning languages. Ive already been doing it for the last 6 months, but i plan on keep doing it even more this next year. Its really fun!

  2. New web Design

    I hope you like it. I remade the theme from scratch using css grid to make the web responsive. Responsive means that it adapts to the screen size, so it works both on large screens and on phones

    I tried to keep the old look as much as possible. So in the worst case scenario, you wont notice any change :)

    Web technologies have really go a long way. It used to be a nightmare. Nowadays, dare I say that is a pleasure and fun to make your own design

  3. New years resolution II

    I like the idea of deliberately thinking and working on some kind self improvement task that affects you in a global sense

    One-shot changes that have a high ROI. Like changing a habit

    Last year resolution worked great and I think its been a success :)

    This years resolution will be to do more creative work. It might not look like it, but the more I do it, the more I think it is just a habit. It didnt come naturally to me, but after awhile, you actually crave for it when you cant do it

    Ive been using this method called the single word method

    Basically, you just have to add something, no matter how small, to whatever you are doing. After that, you are allowed to to quit for the day

    More often than not, what happens is that ‘one word’ end up being quite a lot because you inadvertently enter “the zone”

    And while we are still talking about resolutions one last adition. It wasnt really a resolution because it just happened a year after I quited smoking, but after 2 years I can say Im really into doing sports now

    Im really past the point when I gotta worry about underdoing and have to worry about overdoing to avoid injuries. Ive shunned doing exercise for a very long time. This has not been easy. It has not been hard either, but I could totally hear my body asking me what the heck was i doing moving so much and asking me to stop

    Working out now is part of my life in a way that I will miss when I will no longer able to do it

    PS: Side goal for this year: to do a handstand without wall support

  4. Life-time perspective

    This is my screen wallpaper. It uses a generous average of 90 years for a life-time and theres one square per week

    Every monday I colour one week

    Ive been doing this for about 6 months now and it does help keep things in perspective

    template weeks in a life-time calendar

    PS: To do the initial coloring I used gimp + xdotool
    #years should be your age - 1
    xdotool click $debug
    for i in $(seq 0 10); do
        for j in $(seq 0 $years); do
            xdotool click $debug
            xdotool mousemove_relative -- 18 0
        xdotool click $debug
        xdotool mousemove_relative -- 0 -20
        for j in $(seq 0 $years); do
            xdotool click $debug
            xdotool mousemove_relative -- -18 0
        xdotool click $debug
        xdotool mousemove_relative  -- 0 -20
  5. New years resolution

    Mine is a little different from the conventional ones this year

    Look beyond

    A fancy version of dont take things at face value theres more than meets the eye. Look for extra connections

    Only a few days past new years eve and I think its already paying off for me :)

  6. Bringing existing repo into gitolite

    The proposition on the original docs is slightly complex because it involves bringing the bare repo to the server, check a lot of things and run exotic gitolite commands

    My solution is easier and without having to touch anything server side

    1. Create the repo in gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf and push it. This creates an empty bare repo remotely

    2. Go to some copy of the existing repo you want to move to gitolite

      $ #Configure your repo url as origin
      $ git remote add origin
      $ #Push the repo
      $ git push origin master
      $ #Assign current branch (master) to origin/master
      $ git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master
    3. Profit!!!

  7. quote on privacy

    Google is an over-eager octopus, but Facebook crosses the line into hentai”

    — Some random slashdot commenter

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