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New years resolution III

Im happy to tell i successfully turned one-shot old resolutions into ingrained habits! This was a triumph. Im making a note here. HUGE SUCCESS! Its hard to overstate my satisfaction :)

Last year resolution worked great. I feel i regained some of that juicy creativity i had as a child and that i had completely lost. This also feels like a habit now. More like a quality, which is exactly what i was aiming for

To be completely clear about it, being creative has nothing to do with being a good creative. Absolutely everybody can be creative. Its just the first step and a requirement for everything else

As i side-note. i was able to do a handstand without support for the first time on november. So one month ahead of schedule. Its really fun to be able to control your body while looking at the world upside down

This year i wasnt going to explicitly make a new year resolution since i have stopped thinking of them as some change that require effort, but rather the only way forward. Not sure how it works, but the alternatives just seem bad

But lets do it anyway for the fun of it. I was kinda doing it already without paying much attention, but im going to make it formal: reduce easy dopamine fixes. The simplest example of this is checking your phone or the news every 5 minutes or picturing conversations in your head that will never happen. But you can recognize this kind of useless satisfaction in many not-so-simple-to-spot activities if you pay attention. Ive already planned a roadmap of what this would look like

I dont think it will take the whole year to reap some benefits out of this and ive got many more small projects planned for this year. All in all, this does look like is going to be a great year!

To finish, a small side resolution, learning languages. Ive already been doing it for the last 6 months, but i plan on keep doing it even more this next year. Its really fun!


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