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Have you ever seen this icon and wonder what it is?

You can see this refered as RSS, atom or just feed of a website. It all refers to the same thing: get updates from this site without having to create an account

Its likely you never heard of this tech because it has been supressed and practically been eliminated from all mainstream webs despite being simple and functional. Google had one of the best RSS readers and they closed it

The reason for this is that they want to be your only stop for information. You might not think much about it but your attention is the most valuable asset right now… for you and for them. They can try to push information (propaganda or ads) on you like you are some kind of kid who doesnt know better

Luckily, this tech is so simple that is likely never going to die as long as a single reader and a single feed poster exists on the planet :)

This is an example of what a feed look like and this is list with all my feeds

Theres a plethora of offline readers out there both for computer and cellphone and you only have to copy the feed link into it. Ask me if you have troubles making it work or finding one that you like

I host my own copy of tt-rss, an online reader, and it allows multiple users. If you know me, just ask me for an user and I will happily create one for you so you dont need to host your own (an online reader allows to sync all of your devices for example)


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