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Music online

$ du -sh ~/Music

This is my whole music collection.

At least half of it either I never listened to it or Im not very fond of. It includes whole discographies and whole mp3 collections from friends

Skating is much more enjoyable with some music. I have a speaker I carry around with a 2Gb microsd card from an old phone. I usually just drop a few random albums or compilations I like

I tried a shared list on spotify, but half of the songs I wanted to add werent available or they didnt have the specific version I like

Recently I had to buy some memories, and saw the drop in prices! A 128Gb usb(2.0) is around 20€ and a 128Gb MicroSD for around 33€. Now I can carry my whole collection with me around. No lag, no data expenses, the version I like…

Who wants music to be online?


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