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Gmail mangles .gpg files


I dont know

If you change bytes in a .gpg somebody is bound to notice. Right?

Im using a 3rd party to send a .gpg to a gmail account and the checksums before and after simply dont match

I dont want to really assume evilness, since modifiying bytes on the attachments seems pretty sketchy

Maybe im doing something wrong

The fact that the checksums are okay if I send it to my personal server using the same 3rd party mail provider its a little suspicious tho

Ive been told that

[...], email and gmail are different things.  So I wouldn't be surprised if they are not 100% compatible ;-)

Funny, or is it? google has most of my email because it has all of yours. They have a lot of leverage to define the email experience

In the end, just renaming the .gpg to something else fixed it (What??)

And while we are still ranting about google, lets finish with a pet peeve of mine

I hate that they virtually remove the concept of domain or email address. Not that they are just the f*cking anchor point to security

Security and, you know, knowing where the f*ck you are going or who you are trying to get in contact with

Instead they hide this info as much as possible in labels so you learn to trust them, instead of learning to trust something as simple and as ubiquitous as a domain or an email


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