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  1. Valencia: Bikes, Skates and beach

    A wonderful weekend in Valencia. And of course I took the chance to meet the local skaters. I also rented a bike to move throughout the city. Its a very plain city so I really enjoyed it

    I couldnt go to all the strolls they had because time was short and there were many things to do :/

    It rained a little, but I still manage to hit the beach a couple of times!

    group valencia

    stroll map

  2. Gymkhana

    In Spain a Gymkhana refers to a competion game where you have a set of random trials that people have to complete in order to reach the next

    They are usually already fun on their own, but how could we improve upon it? You guessed it right, by doing it on wheels

    Our first trial was to reach point A and have each one of us hold one wheel of one of team members

    trial #1

    Second trial was to reach point B and find a bike to hold

    trial #2

    And the third trial was to reach point C and have a couple of strangers dance with us

    All in all, we had a blast. We finished in third place too. Not too shabby

    group photo

  3. Skates and scuba diving in Zaragoza

    This was a very complete and long weekend that started very early on thursday

    Thursday: Dora!

    Los verdes Thusdays “Dora stroll”


    Friday: Madrid Friday Night Skate!

    Once a month

    mfns 1

    mfns 2

    Saturday: Skating in Zaragoza and scuba diving!

    Early in the morning we headed to Zaragoza. We had the first stroll at 11am with Patinar Zaragoza



    And Scuba diving on the biggest river aquarium in Europe








    Sunday: Zaragoza Roller!

    Finally we skated some Zaragoza roller club called Zaragoza Roller







    In the zaragoza expo preparing for leaving:

  4. Madrid Friday Night Skate

    A few people are trying to make a regular skating event once a month to join other skating cities such as Zurich, London or New York

    A couple of weeks ago we had our 4th session! I dare you to join us next time!!

    Group photo Madrid Friday Night Skate 2016 11 18

  5. For a rainy day

    When it rains you gotta look for something to do indoors. How about some rolling dance?

    photo rollerdance

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