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  1. Virus, Qubes-OS and Debian

    computer problems that people attribute to virus doesnt overlap with real problems caused by virus

    This is the virus venn diagram. Its pretty accurate and many people, including people that gets along with technology, is oblivious to it. Voluntarily installing crap by installing random programs you just googled in your computer hardly counts as a virus

    Sometimes they overlap tho. What I call “trawling viruses”. Using some very old exploit that should hardly work on anybody and spamming it, you can still get lots of people that never update. In this case, you dont care about anything, you just try get a quick profit and you dont really care if you slow down the target machine

    But by and large, virus try to be as invisible as possible, do their bussiness and go undetected for as long as possible. If they can make an optimization to your system, like patching how they got in, they will

    Using debian is one way to protect yourself… but they still fall short because it still uses a very old authorization model

    Authorization model in computers is old

    Its no secret that the authorization model in computers is really old

    Qubes-os is a system that tries to mitigates that problem quite sucessfully. Qubes-os 4.0 rc1 has been released recently. Im currently testing it on my mediabox, and will probably use it in my main machine soon

    Holger gave a talk a few weeks ago named “Using qubes os from the pov of a debian developer”. In debconf fashion you can watch it online

  2. Stretch is out

    New version of Debian is out… codename stretch. Thats the name of the stretchy octopus toy from Toy Story 3

    All the code names of debian come from Toy story

    For normal desktops users of the testing branch, updates come incremmentally and we have been using stretch without problems for a while now, but stable deployments have a new version to jump to when ready!

    In my experience, for testing users, its better to stay in stable for a while (at least 2-3 months) before jumping into testing again. Theres a lot of new packages waiting to enter debian and it takes a while to stabilize again. Developers has been asked to spread out their uploads a little so not everything breaks at once

    Also, the first point release is expected in a month. So wait out that long for a smoother transtion of your stable installations

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