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  1. Listen to accents from around the world

    localingual snapshot

    I discovered localingual with joy, just to find out is still in its infancy… but if you like languages, the promise of a great website is there!

    Right now, it suffers three major problems. Its hard to navigate, low sample size and the voting system instead of encouraging quality, encourages the oldest/jokes to be on top (unless they are very bad or too offensive, i guess). Texas have a spongebob joke right now

    Pros? If you enjoy languages, its great to hear real accents around the world

  2. Green great dragons cant exist

    Natives (and some non-natives after a while!) can tell if something sounds off, even if they cant explain why. One of those things is adjetive order. They follow some rules that even people using english for all their lives are able to explain because it just sounds natural to them

    This order is

    quantity/number - quality/opinion - size - age - shape - color - place of origin - material - purpose NOUN

    This is why there cant be any green great dragon, but only great green dragons

    There seems to be some exceptions to this, like big bad wolf, but in my opinion, bad is not an opinion of what you think of the wolf, but part of the name, as in big bad-wolf :)

    proper adjetives order

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