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life realizations

I live my life by these simple realizations:

Practice makes perfect

Iteration is the important part of any process

We are what we do repeatedly

You are not what you think you are

Do it yourself

Make your own choices. Make your own mistakes. Celebrate the luck of having choices instead of dreading the decision process. Steer your destiny. Nobody to blame but yourself when things go south

Defy the limits. Go beyond whats known

This is how the known became known in the first place

70% of life is showing up

Its okay to not know how things will unravel. You will figure it out as you go

Use it or lose it

Nothing remains still. It either grows or diminish. Make sure you never stop doing what you regard as important

Your path is creative and unique to you

Everybody follow their own paths to the point where comparison makes no sense at all. Creativity is tiring, but fulfilling. This might sound difficult when you are not used to practice it, but its the only real thing you have to do in your life

Practice > theory

Theory is like a map for the overview. Never forget to look where you are stepping on. Watch out for roadblocks, traffic jumps and untrodden paths

Dont rush to conclusions

Let the dust settle in while changing. See the change with new eyes. Account for inertia

Have prototype and scafolding balance

Glance over the direction your ideas are going, but build one step at a time

With the least amount of making up you can handle

Assumtions are made to save time by avoiding having to recheck reality… but do we really save time? Assuming is a way to move forward but not recheking reality will actually waste time

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