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Look at that nice looking FreedomBox!

I’m rebuilding my home server and decided to take a look at freedombox project as the base for it

0.6 version was recently released and I wasnt aware of how advanced the project is already!

They have a virtualbox image ready for some quick test. It took me longer to download it than to start using it

Here’s a pic of what it looks like to entice you to try it :)

freedombox snapshot

All this is already on debian right now and you can turn any debian sid installation into a freedombox just by installing a package

The setup generates everything private on the first run, so even the virtualbox image can be used as the final thing

They use plinth (django) to integrate the applications into the web interface. More info on how to help integrate more debian packages here

A live demo is going to be streamed this friday and a hackaton is scheduled for this saturday


Original post at Laura Arjona’s Blog on 30 October 2015. Thanks for first hosting it!


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